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Mah jongg Puzzle Pai Sen

Mah jongg Puzzle Pai Sen


Mahjong? puzzle? Both are correct! New mahjong puzzle specializing in the unique game.

The rules are simple.

Slide the Mahjong tiles divided into the upper, middle and lower parts to the left and right, and connect the ridges vertically and horizontally.

Choose the connected pots and add them to your hand, make a role and earn points.

[Play tips]

Various roles are combined like real mahjong. Let’s aim high score while thinking carefully.

Leave a useful bag, you can aim at the role of high difficulty by getting it together later.

If it is difficult to see the roses, sort them by type and make them easy to see.

The upper row and the lower row are separated, so there is no connection.

Use the middle stage well, let’s drop the upper stage, and let the chopsticks connect.

The bonus is increased each time the number of twins increases.

The score will increase enormously by accumulating even a small role.

【Ranking mode】

Compete with users across the country for unlimited time to jams.

The ranking is reset weekly.

Keep on hitting the ultimate mahjong who will not be disturbed by real opponents or game computers.