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Dragon Quest 2 Luminaries of The Legendary Line

Dragon Quest 2
Luminaries of The Legendary Line


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Language: English, Korean, Chinese

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DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, the second installment of the classic RPG series finally comes to Nintendo Switch!

The second installment of the classic RPG comes to Nintendo Switch with updated controls. Join the descendants of the legendary hero Erdrick as they embark on an epic adventure to defeat the diabolical High Priest Hargon!

■ Story

A century has passed since the events of the first DRAGON QUEST, during which time the descendants of the hero of Alefgard have forged three new nations. But the peace they have known is no more. Demon hosts summoned forth from the darkness by High Priest Hargon have brought the land to the brink of ruin once again. Now, the young prince of Midenhall must set out to find the other two descendants of Erdrick so that together they might defeat the nefarious Hargon and restore peace to their world.

■ Game Features

– Wander the wilds, brave monster-infested dungeons, or take to the seas in search of new lands with your ship.

– Discover a wider array of powerful abilities and valuable treasures along the way!

– Experience the classic Party system: control multiple heroes and battle group of enemies and get more strategic.

Experience the multi-million selling series, beloved both in Japan and beyond, and see how the masterful talents of series creator Yuji Horii, combined with the revolutionary synthesizer sounds of Koichi Sugiyama and the wildly popular manga illustrations of Akira Toriyama to create a gaming sensation.

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