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協撃 カルテットファイターズ

協撃 カルテットファイターズ


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Combine your aircraft and power up! A flashy and exhilarating 8-bit STG that fights with 4 fighters!
Cooperative play shooting (STG) that allows multiplayer simultaneous play to challenge the stage clear, making full use of the “collaboration” system where the attack changes according to the combination of aircraft type and coalescing position.
Orthodox “ATTACK” mode aimed at destroying enemies, “KYOGEKI” mode aiming to clear the stage while escorting VIP machines, various player aircraft (Zako enemy characters can also be used! ) Will be released, and unlocking elements and other elements will be loaded! Find your own strongest “collaboration” formation from various aircraft and coalescence patterns!
It is good to control four machines by one person, or multiplayer with your friends, aim for a high score with the strongest “collaboration”!

The hot game gets even hotter! STG game legends provide music!

Game BGM “Takeaki Kunimoto” (Representative works: Star Soldier, Challenger, etc.), theme song
“Takeya Uemura” (representative work: Ultimate Tiger, Helfire, etc.) will participate!

2 STG games included! That magical work that everyone knows will be recorded at the same time!
In this work, a new retro game created according to the specifications of Nintendo based on the concept of recreating the taste of the time as a bonus game, super difficulty STG “Electronic Fleet Nack” is recorded at the same time! Two STG can be enjoyed with one!